Is Your Home in Disrepair? Have you reported it?

Is Your Local Council or Housing Association Ignoring You?

If you have reported repairs and your Landlord has failed to fix them for you, you may be due compensation and a rent refund.

Our Housing Disrepair Specialists Can Help You Claim Compensation against your Landlord.

If you live in a rented property that has fallen into disrepair, you are likely to feel stressed and frustrated, particularly when your Landlord is ignoring or failing to fix the problems.

Do you know that it is your Landlord’s responsibility to maintain a rented property for their tenants? Failure to do this could potentially lead to discomfort and, in extreme cases, health problems, for the tenant.

We at Noor Law solicitors have a wealth of experience in providing advice to our clients whose home has fallen into disrepair. We will represent you and help you to communicate with your landlord to reach a fair agreement in your dispute.

If your Landlord is failing to respond to your complaints, or refusing to repair your home, our team of specialist can provide you with help and advice on what steps should be taken next. Contact us on 01772 378 988 or complete our online contact form and we will be in touch.

Your Landlord’s Obligations

Upon signing the tenancy agreement, your Landlord takes on certain responsibilities, including the maintenance of the property you are renting. This maintenance includes:

If stated in the agreement, your Landlord could also be held responsible for maintaining appliances, as well as other areas of your home.

If your Landlord fails to properly maintain your property to an acceptable standard, they are failing to meet the Health and Safety standards. This can lead to health problems for tenants, including:

If you or a member of your family has suffered from health complications due to a poorly maintained property, you should contact us as a matter of urgency as well as seek urgent medical attention.

What types of damages can I claim for?

If your Landlord refuses to fix the property, you can force them to do the works and also claim compensation. You can receive compensation for a number of different reasons when bringing a Housing Disrepair claim.

You can recover compensation for:

Damaged Belongings – you can include the value in your claim for compensation. Examples of this can include mould-affected clothing, bedding, carpets ruined by a leak or electrical appliances damaged by electrical problems. Compensation for damage to belongings will only cover the cost to you of repairing or replacing the damaged goods. This would mean that you may get less than the cost of the item new, as you would be expected to buy second hand items to replace them. You would need evidence such as photographs, and receipts to show you have had to purchase a replacement or repair the item or items.

Personal Injury – you can claim for any ill health that the disrepair has caused yourself or anyone who is living in the property. The amount of compensation you receive will vary on a number of factors, including the severity of your illness and how long it has lasted. You will also be able to recover any financial losses you have incurred such as lost earnings.

Any inconvenience that you have been caused by the disrepair that can either be a miscellaneous cash sum or a partial rebate of your rent during the period of disrepair. For example, if you are unable to sleep in your bedroom due to severe damp and mould, you can claim for the effect this had on your ability to use your home.

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